Nikki Animah

NIKKI ANIMAH (21 years old, star sign Pisces) is the name chosen for her art career by a carefree youngest child in a respectable Estonian doctor family. Gifted in many ways – her talent for art is perhaps just a facet of her innate magical abilities – Nikki Animah ran away from home at the age of sixteen (phoning home only when she really, really needed dad’s money) and traveled through Earth-21’s – that is the world where our story takes its place – from squat to squat, from a friendly to a less friendly couch. At seventeen she was once more arrested for shoplifting and vandalism but this time the arresting officer was Makani Terror who took an interest in the waif and offered her help if Nikki promised to go straight.

Soon, the pair became lovers. The year they spent together was beneficial for both of them for Makani relaxed a little and Nikki smartened a little. They both dabbled in the obscure field of animagic (the magic based on communicating with animal ur-spirits; Nikki’s spirit being a fox and Makani’s a wolf) and that ultimately drove a rift between them as their animal sides became more prominent and at odds with each other.

During the three years that have passed since, Nikki has not changed much (if you ask her, she would tell you that she plans never to change). She remains faithful to her alternative lifestyle, her art and her fox side. Nikki’s path occasionally crosses with her former lover’s – Makani is still in love with her – but Nikki refuses to get back together: Makani is too serious for her, she says, too dark, too much a part of the system she rebels against. One cannot, however, but feel the tease under her refusal, a challenge under her playful insults.

The storm that shook the world at the inception of RIDERS IN THE STORM has strengthened Nikki’s connection with her inner fox. She can now turn into a fox at will, but what will happen if one day she is not able to turn back? Only time will tell …