Makani Terror

From a very early age MAKANI TERROR (27 years old, star sign Scorpio) belonged to a group of the so-called “voluntary orphans”, children who lived in the walls of concert halls, fed off of fast food dumpsters and depended on the kindness of strangers. In her teens, along with a number of other goth and punk youths, she fell in love with the idea of piracy so they endeavored to steal a ship which they named “Terror” and sailed to the South Seas. The plan worked up to a point but actual pirates caught up with this ersatz-family of idealistic youths, sunk their ship and slaughtered most of them. Makani survived due to a kind wind taking her driftwood raft to Hawaii where she took her name, Makani, after a Hawaiian word for such a wind – natural and wildly inconsistent.

Upon her return to Europe, Makani still did not like the prevalent political climate on the continent but felt that neither rebellion nor crime are the way out – the hard lesson of the South Seas and the death of her friends taught her so. She weighted her options and, surprising even herself, she chose to join the police. She would, she believed, fight the system from the inside.

Her first reality check came when she had to dislodge the family she was born into from their home. They did not recognize her – too many years passed since she had ran away from home as a little girl – but that did not make her any less ashamed. Many of her further tasks were along those lines, legal yet somehow unjust, and Makani was slowly turning into the darkest of our group of characters.

When our story begins Makani has been a policewoman for a number of years and is starting to doubt the course the system is taking: When does an order become an oppression and what is she supposed to do? The storm and the adventures she goes through during the opening episode of RIDERS IN THE STORM reminds her of some paths not taken and the sides of her personality – untamed and wild – which she has been suppressing for a long, perhaps too long a time. Will Makani of the future become the threat her last name suggests? Only time will tell …