Eve Langerholz

EVE LANGERHOLZ (25 years old, star sign Virgo) is the only daughter in a well-off German landowner family. In her childhood she was painfully shy, some would say borderline autistic, and would shrink from every extended human contact including those with her parents. The only company she gladly kept was that of animals: she had a number of cats, dogs and other pets but her favorite was the mostly white pony named Baby Girl she visited often at her father’s country estate. She loved that pony with all her heart and would, if possible, spend her every waking moment with it.

When Eve was ten, a terrible riding accident happened that put her in a coma while Baby Girl was injured to such an extent that it had to be put down. When Eve woke up from the coma, she refused to accept that Baby Girl was gone. She cried inconsolably and wandered around the estate day and night, calling her pony’s name, telling everyone who would listen that she still felt its presence. Finally, when she could not find Baby Girl anywhere, she clammed up and did not speak to nor acknowledge anyone for the next three years.

When Eve was thirteen, a miracle happened: a pair of motocross racers who lost their way ended up on the estate and when they stopped to ask for directions the sound of their engines woke Eve up from her stupor. She ran down the stairs and, to everyone’s amazement, hugged one of the bikes, crying “Baby Girl, Baby Girl! I knew you were alive!”

From that moment on motorcycles and racing have been her life. Her father is so glad to see her well again that he indulges her every whim while she seems to have almost supernatural connection with machines – and whatever bike she favors at any given moment she always calls it Baby Girl. The storm she experienced in the opening episode of RIDERS IN THE STORM strengthened this connection and gave her and her bike a new ability: that of intangibility. At a certain speed Eve and the bike become ghostlike and pass through solid object with no visible damage. But what about the invisible damage? Has the girl who senses ghosts but shuns people found a way to become a ghost herself? Only time will tell …