Black Rider

The original BLACK RIDER (age indeterminate, star sign Milk) was a feline humanoid originally from Earth-9. His name is a series of purrs and meows which roughly translates as “Whiska Death of Salmons” and he was a poorborn fishercat from the Earth-9’s equivalent of Norway. Not wishing to spend his life feeding the rich cats in the cities and munching forever on innards himself, Whiska left his native village and decided to try his luck in some big city.

The cities of Earth-9 were vast megastructures with a strong caste system and millions of semi-sentient automatons intended to serve the ruling caste. As a fisherman Whiska could not advance through many societal glass ceilings, but due to his natural agility he managed to land a dangerous job of a bike-courier. There he learned that he loved riding a good bike – nothing in his life came closer to the sense of freedom by a combination of breakneck speed and constant danger – while it also got him a chance to visit all social strata, to observe numerous injustices. He was, therefore, at the right place to witness the rebellion of the automata servants of Earth-9 and the birth of Megavore, the mechanical monster that was the main antagonist in the premier episode of RIDERS OF THE STORM, our comic book.

Whiska himself was swallowed by Megavore but his strong independent streak allowed him, in time, to break free of the artificial autocrat. For a brief time Whiska tried to organize a rebellion on Earth-9, but the planet was too corrupt to save. However, when Megavore started opening dimensional gateways to other parallel Earths, Whiska slipped through an opening and tried to warn the local inhabitants of the coming danger. It did not went well: the catlike appearance of the renegade Black Rider usually scared the locals so his struggle continued on planet after planet till he reached Earth-21, the world where our story takes place. There the story takes a turn for the best, but to find out how just get hold of and carefully read the RIDERS IN THE STORM comic book that we have lovingly prepared for your enjoyment.